Corporate Communications

Are you able to break through the clutter and deliver important information to your employees?

Keep your staff informed at all times

Make sure everybody within your organization receives relevant information at the right time, at the right place to increase their productivity. Communicate your KPI's, product or services offerings and corporate policies effectively with your staff, visitors and customers across multiple sites and time zones with digital signage.

Build engagement

Boost the loyalty of your employees by broadcasting corporate messages and allow them to interact on your social media streams.

Desktop Communication

Extend your corporate signage solutions with our PADS Desktop Communication. You will not only reach your audience on public screens, but also anyone within your network on desktop PC's, laptops and tablets. Make sure urgent and important messages are delivered immediately as active desktop alert.


  • Internal communication
  • Visitors welcoming messages
  • Employee training/communication
  • Live news/traffic/weather
  • Wayfinding
  • Building evacuation procedures
  • Instant messaging via desktop alerts
  • Announcements

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