Make sure no one is late for class

With the next generations growing up in a hi-tech day and age, digital communication in an education environment is considered to be normal. Grab the attention of your pupils, students and teachers and keep them informed with up to the minute timetables.

Manage your messages from one place

Next to dynamic schedule updates you can integrate digital signage to announce any event, showcase the work of students, broadcast campus TV, update the canteen menu boards or guide visitors to the auditorium. Connect with existing data sources and display real-time information such as grades, sport results or emergency messages.

Say farewell to traditional static paper signs. Manage all your communication from one central place. Reach everyone on the premises, from the central hall to any class room, from the canteen to the dorms on the campus.


  • Roster changes
  • Events announcements
  • Campus news
  • Examination/sports results
  • Emergency messaging
  • Visitor wayfinding
  • Menu boards
  • Live TV

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