Simultaneous Interpretation System.

Our Simultaneous interpretation system corresponds to international standards. It guarantees sound quality, noise protection, confidentiality and reliability for any quantity of participants. The maximum quantity of foreign languages is up to 32. As the experience shows the maximum quantity of languages used even at the biggest conferences is 20-25. The totall number of official languages in European Union is 24.

The main advantages of ALEPH simultaneous interpretation equipment are as follows:

  • Provides excellent quality of speech, even in rooms with daylight lamps
  • Simple switching of simultaneous interpretation channels from 1 to 32
  • The possibility to use Integrus interpretation equipment and DCN conference system at the same time
  • Wireless Infrared signal transmission without noises from mobile phones, radio microphones, etc.
  • The infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment guarantees that information will not get out of the room. Infrared signal does not come through walls
  • Touch Screen Displays includes USB for presentation , navigate the menu, listen to archives, Video enabled.

The set of simultaneous Interpretation equipment consists of:

  • Infrared receivers for simultaneous interpretation
  • Idividual interpreter desks
  • Infrared radiators which emit infrared rays around a room. One or more radiator depending on a room size.
  • Interpreter booths, one booth for each language
  • Touch displays integrated in tables or Back Seats

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