Government / Political Parties

Government / Political Parties

Using display communication and Queuing systems

government environments such as public buildings, police stations or courthouses helps you to optimise the service towards your citizens.

Think of interactive wayfinding in the welcoming hall

self-service kiosks for ticketing and registration, waiting room information targeted for a specific department and safety alert.

Networked LED form Emergency messages

Aleph can customise the LED in any country to give access to the ministry of interior and/or tourism to publish specific information or alerts to the citizens on the roads all over the countries when needed without affecting the LED owners and advertisers.

Keep your civil servants up to date and reduce costs

Not only improve your public communication, enhance your workforce communication as well. Display work instructions, show daily attendance/absence overviews or send urgent announcements directly to government employee's desktops and tablets. Reduce costs by implementing effective digital messaging to reach your entire staff, conveniently managed from one location.


  • Share disaster information, crime alerts and new rules
  • Queuing and waiting line management to decrease perceived wait times
  • Steer visitors to the right place with 2D or 3D way finding
  • Improve services for the hearing-damaged/weakened and for visitors who speak a foreign language
  • Create money/money income through advertising income
  • Reduce signs printing costs
  • Cut costs of labor used to distribute printed materials and provide way finding help
  • Public Information
  • Programs & events
  • Workforce communication
  • Voting results
  • Visitor instructions
  • Room scheduling
  • Building evacuation
  • Local news

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