Save costs with optimized use of conference facilities

Would you like to reduce costs and improve your service level? Discover how to achieve this by optimizing the use of your conference facilities with PADS4 digital signage software.

Efficient use of conference facilities

In organizations where meeting rooms are used on a daily basis, it's crucial to see what rooms have already been booked and what rooms are still available. You don't want to walk into a room for a meeting you have organized yourself, discovering someone else has also booked the same room for the same scheduled time.

To avoid situations like this Net Display Systems has developed a solution to keep your staff and visitors up to date with real-time meeting room information, called Smart Meeting Room Signage.

Reduce costs with visual communication

This solution allows you to display all your scheduled meetings and reduce your facility costs without any reproduction costs. All required information can be retrieved from existing data sources such as your room booking system. As result schedule conflicts will belong to the past.

Guide visitors and colleagues quickly to their destination, from the moment they arrive at your office. Use visual communication to provide relevant information and to enhance corporate branding.

A digital signage solution in and around your meeting rooms offers you the following options:

  • Reception hall meeting overview
  • Dynamic wayfinding
  • Digital door sign
  • In-room communication
  • Easy integration with Outlook
  • LCD Displays with LED lights (Green if available/ Red if occupied)

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